We have 4 primary events each year:

Washington’s Birthday: On February 22nd of each year, the Rhode Island Society Sons of the Revolution recognize George Washington’s birthday with a ceremony at the Houdon Statue on the south raised patio of the Redwood Library on Bellevue in Newport. The event typically consists of honors presented by the SR with a color Guard provided by the Artillery Company of Newport (ACN).  A representative of the Redwood Library also offers greetings and honors for the Nation’s first President. A reading of Washington’s Prayer for the nation takes place followed by a wreath laying and a musket salute by members of the ACN.   Following the event members of the RISR and invited guests retire to a local restaurant for comradery and a luncheon complete with toasts to our Revolutionary War heroes.

Rhode Island Independence Day: On a weekend day nearest the date of May 4th, the Members of the Rhode Island Society Sons of the Revolution assemble to mark Rhode Island Independence Day. The day commemorates the act by the Rhode Island General Assembly declaring its absolute independence by renouncing the King on May 4th, 1776. Typically members will meet at a local restaurant for a luncheon and toasts are offered to our Revolutionary War Heroes.  A speaker is invited to present a topic related to America’s struggle for independence.

4th of July: The Independence Day celebration is by far the largest event that is sponsored by the Rhode Island Society Sons of the Revolution.  The day begins at the grave of William Ellery in the Common Burying Ground on Farewell Street in Newport.  Members of the DAR hold a ceremony honoring Rhode Island’s signer of the Declaration of Independence with officers of the RISR taking part.  At 10:00 am the RISR sponsors a rousing patriotic band concert by the Salve Regina University Community Band.  Members of the RISR pass out flags and booklets to the assembled public containing copies of America’s historic founding documents.  During this time the Colony House which was the seat of Government for the State of Rhode Island is open for inspection and tours.  At 11:00 am a member of the RISR recreates the reading of the Declaration of Independence that took place on the steps of the Colony House in July of 1776 by Major John Handy. The Artillery Company of Newport follows with a 21 gun salute to the Nation using their battery of four cannons cast by Paul Revere in 1798.  Following the ceremonies, members and invited guests typically retire to the White Horse Tavern for toasts to our Revolutionary War heroes followed by a luncheon and comradery.

Battle of RI: On a weekend date nearest to August 29th the Rhode Island Society Sons of the Revolution hold their annual meeting and luncheon to commemorate the Battle of Rhode Island.  The battle took place in 1778 and was an attempt by General Sullivan’s army to drive the British Army out of Newport.  A speaker is usually invited to present a history of the Battle or a topic related to the American struggle for independence.  Elections of RISR officers take place at the meeting and awards or recognition may be presented by the RISR President.  Other business may also occur during the event.